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Getting phone cases and accessories are a thing nowadays, whether for the protection or to beautify the product you have. Phone lanyard is one of that accessory, which protects the phone from not only damage but also theft. It is a suitable thing for people who usually forget their phones in different places.

After searching for the lanyard on the internet, you will find many lanyards with different varieties. The lanyard with advanced design to make it look cooler than and the stronger one. Some phones have in-built holes for the use of lanyard but sometimes when you check phones like iPhone XR and iPhone X/XS. You can’t find any obvious feature for the lanyard to be placed and then comes to the cases for the iPhone, they have that holes to put the lanyard.

If you want the lanyard for the protection, so you should also consider some of the other options for protecting the screen of your phone that can be a tempered glass screen protector. Safeguard your phone screen from scratches and cracks is essential.


So how to attach a phone lanyard?

Now the question arises, that how to attach that lanyard to your phone.

Step 1: check it first that whether your phone has the specific holes for the attachment of the lanyard or if you need one. If you have an iPhone, you need a case for that purpose.

Step 2: if you are using a lanyard on the phone case then, make sure that the case is not in use. Attach the lanyard before using case on your phone. And another tip is to make sure that the case is thick enough so that it won’t break with the weight on your phone.

Step 3: the lanyard comes in two pieces, which are combined by a lock, all you have to do is to press that button and it will get loose and will be disassembled.

Step 4: take the ring out. The case may have two small holes on the left or right side or sometimes on the bottom side. Enter the loop with the ring into one hole; you can twist the loop to make the process easier. And there is another solution for difficulty in entering the loop into the small hole; you can use a needle.

Step 5: now pass the same loop from the other hole, through the inner side. Stretch the loop to the maximum extent and pass it over the ring lock and pull the lanyard towards yourself tightly.

Step 6: connect the ring and the rest of the lanyard just by pressing the ring on it. Now put the phone back to the case and untie the thread on the end of the lanyard. And hang it in your neck.

It depends on your choice whether you like it in your hand or neck. If you prefer a phone in your hand, all you have to do is to disassemble the lanyard. The best part of ordering this lanyard is the protection of your phone and to make it more secure; you’ll get a free screen protector with the lanyard.


Have other questions about attaching a lanyard of phone cases?

If you have any other questions about attaching a lanyard, feel free to contact us at and I’ll try to help you out as best I can.


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