The Best iPhone XR Case | Gviewin

The Best iPhone XR Case | Gviewin

Hey! You’re looking for some iPhone cases? You would like to see your phone protected and shiny at the same time Right? We got some awesome iPhone XR cases for you. What makes these so special is first of all they’re super-duper lite and the material that we use to make these are the same used in high-end exotic cars and bulletproof vests. Its not going to be bulletproof but its extraordinarily scratch resistant. This material is not going to hinder GPS or Wi-Fi and your wireless charger will work perfectly. It is 100% durable that the color will never fade it. It is super thin and extremely lightweight. They are shock absorbent and have real tensile toughness. You would love the feel of the cover, its very flexible. We make it real classy by making it super thin. We make both clear case and the cases which have a design on their back.

Other than the iPhone XR cases we have iPhone X/XS cases and many for the Samsung mobile series.

The form of the silicone case fits snugly over the volume buttons, side button, and curves of your device without adding bulk. A soft microfiber lining on the inside help protects your iPhone. On the outside, the silky, soft-touch finish of the silicone exterior feels great in your hand. And you can keep it on all the time, even when you’re charging wirelessly.

The qualities you’re going to get are:

Thin and light as paper,

Strong and durable as steel.

Smoother Swipe: Edge-to-screen design in bottom and side parts to ensure there is no interferences with swiping your phone to unblock or slide.

Corner Safety Zones: Safety zones are employed at each corner of the case. Designed to dissipates any impact forces experienced by the phone when it dropped against a flat surface such as floors or tables.

Shock-Resistant Back Panel: The back of the case is further protected against shock through specifically placed corner ridges.

Key Features

  • Anti-Slip slide Groove
  • Insert Molding Technology
  • Wireless Charging Friendly
  • Attach and Go
  • Extra Protective Ring for your camera lens

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