About Us

What is GVIEWIN?

Antonio creates the GVIEWIN together with his 9-years old daughter Lily. You will never imagine that it was printed by hands! Then Antonio asked help for his friends to produce this phone cases. We are a start-up company, and we are ambitious to the a great brand in the future, bringing our designs to the whole world.


You are always picky since you are seeking for what you love

If you think your phone case is only a phone case, that you will be completely wrong. Believe it or not, you absolutely ask for more than you expect.

You will never place an order with only a glance at it. Worry about that phone case is very clumsy, could not stand! Right? Because you are going to select a light weight one, and what’s more, you even make a comparison with at least 5 products, from the first page to the final page, unfortunately, it sill could not attracts you. We all wish to seek for what we love, although it’s very hard to do it.


Not more than a case, but also an art.

You would have never seen to combine arts with your phone case, and it seems as if it’s a precious art works. But I want to say, you do it today. Why is so that? Since each pattern is “unique” in the world. It seems like everybody supposed to be the distinct in the world. You are in eager of to be treated respectfully, we do too. 


Listen to your experience

Everyone is supposed to be a inborn artist, and then what we need to do is achieve it. GVIEWIN hopes to listen to each of it’s customers, so as to be your assistant in the arts. There’s a time you can talk with your hearts,


Why there comes with a lanyard? What is is supposed to be?

As a forgetful guy, Antonio often leaves his phone home or office, and has to return back to take! Every time his daughter remind him of his phone and kiss to him. Unexpectedly, one day Lily came up with a “funny method” that she let father hang on his phone with a lanyard, Antonio doesn’t need to return back home to take his phone any more. It originally was for hanging on phone, amazingly it has become a decoration afterwards.

That’s sounds very interesting, and every efforts should be forth so as to provide you a considerate care like your little daughter.

More over, you will never guess that there is a screen protector in the package.


Here’s the best service ever you met...

We similarly met some matters when online shopping, this includes could not find the channel to return the item, fail to contact the seller......I bet you did meet it. No to mention that you live in a remote area, where is not convenient for going out for exchanging it. Take a think...


GVIEWIN are sparing no effort to give you a considerate service, you don’t need to worry about you often worries about. In each package there is a thank-you note, in which you can find our email address. Any matters or need helps will be responded within 24 hours.


Please kindly select GVIEWIN as your assistant.