GVIEWIN is proud that its innovations have been awarded many patents, copyrights and trademarks by the United States Patent, Copyright and Trademark Office, and other countries. GVIEWIN has a duty and a right to inform the market of our patent and trademark rights, and GVIEWIN does not hesitate to enforce its rights when necessary.
GVIEWIN Trademark Information
  • GVIEWIN (Character Logo) | Reg. No. 5,418,027
GVIEWIN Copyright Information
  • Title of Work: Flowering | Reg. No. VA2-138-427
  • Title of Work: Violet Rose | Reg. No. VA2-139-328
  • Title of Work: Peach Blossom | Reg. No. VA2-140-155
  • Title of Work: Yellow Sunflower | Reg. No. VAu-1-140-674
  • Title of Work: Summer Blossom | Reg. No. VAu-1-411-340
  • Title of Work: Romantic Purple | Reg. No. VA2-139-328
  • Title of Work: White Marble | Reg. No. VA2-185-183
  • Title of Work: Green Marble | Reg. No. VA2-185-184
  • Title of Work: Cyan | Reg. No. VAu-1-140-669